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We are excited about studying nanoscale inorganic materials, understanding their formation mechanism and electrochemical properties, and developing their electrochemical applications.

A key effort in our lab is to use synthetic tools to explore and understand traditionally inaccessible or hidden composition-order-property space, and to implement materials-enabled advances in electrochemical energy storage and electrochromics. We employ nanomaterials synthesis methods and electrochemical techniques to study the compositional and structural changes in inorganic materials during electrochemical phase transformation, with a focus on (i) understanding the mechanisms of long-range order elimination or formation during electrochemical phase transformation, (ii) examining how intermediate phases facilitate classical phase transformations, and (iii) discovering new metastable phases inaccessible via traditional high-temperature thermal methods. The group aims to uncover the electrochemical transformation pathways of a broad range of metals, oxides, and chalcogenides, for applications ranging from batteries, electrochromics, ion separations, to catalysis for decarbonization.

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